About us

We are a group of enthusiastic Argentine tango dancers, sharing our passion for the dance by organizing events for a growing tango community in South-West-Flanders and beyond. It’s the fun of dancing that brings us together.

Firstly each Thursday evening we hold a ‘practice salon‘ (practilonga), where you can exercise your tango steps in a cosy atmosphere. We have our own DJ’s playing the music.

Next each year we organize in Kortrijk the famous Salon of Madame Yvonne and the open air ball during the Kortrijk Pentecost weekend.

Our weekly practice salons take place in the ballet hall of the Kortrijk Schouwburg. The entrance fee is 3 € per person.

Beginning dancer ? No dance partner ? This is the right place for you to start developing your dancing skills and getting acquainted to dancing with different dance partners.

From time to time we may enjoy a snack and a beverage offered by a participant, but other than that please bring your own drink bottle, because in the ballet hall there is no bar.

We are looking forward to meeting you here !